How to get there
How to get there

Reaching Ronda is not a problem, given the adequate means of transportation that are available at almost any time of the day. 

In this age of fast- moving sea-craft and motor vehicles, arriving at one's destination could only take a few hours or minutes, depending on the place of origin. The more reason will the travel become easier if the target destination lies near the sea, which can be unmistakably determined through intermittent rests or stopovers by buses or any vehicle on land. 

Due to its proximity to the southwestern coast of Cebu, Ronda can be easily located by travelers. A big arch is placed upon entering Barrio Sta. Cruz, which is reminiscent of the Arch of Triumph in France. This serves as the town's boundary, an unmistakable marker separating it from its neighbor in the north, Dumanjug. 

A simple yet very sharp inscription on top boldly reads: "Welcome to Ronda."

If one travels by land, he will be able to reach the town either from the south border through Alcantara or from the north through Dumanjug. The long trek, however, happens if one were to start travelling from Cebu City down south. It would take him approximately 81 kilometers and three hours, plus or minus the traffic, before he would reach the town. 

From the Cebu South Bus Terminal, one can hop on a bus bound to Bato Samboan via Barili. Be careful that the bus states via Barili, otherwise, there’s a bus that goes to Samboan passing by the southeastern route that will not go through Ronda.

The terminal for southbound V-Hires near the Junquera and Sanciangko Streets in Cebu City also has vans bound for Moalboal, which one can take to go to Ronda.

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