Municipal Wharf

Being a coastal town, Ronda boasts of its advantage in terms of topography. Just like most of the towns lying next to the sea, it has potential of attracting both local and foreign tourists. One place that is often visited by tourists is the Kasadya Beach Park in Barangay Sta. Cruz. Located just two kilometers away from the poblacion, this village resort complex offers a variety of amenities such as water sports like scuba diving, sailing, snorkeling, fishing and swimming. There are also so-called heritage rides that feature rides in antique caromata, balsa, tartanilla, trisikad and horseback. For those inclined to play ball games, there is tennis, volleyball, badminton, and pingpong. Aside from these usual activities, an alternative sport is the shooting range for pistol, rifle and air rifle shooting; a pet zoo, fish pond, aquarium, arboretum, 24-hour shops, and trails for biking or a simple stroll in the resort's six-hectare lot.

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