Ronda has a total land area of 5,004 hectares, a vast expanse composed mostly of agricultural lots which are divided into 5,595 parcels. 

Most of these lands can be observed when one travels to the south via Dumanjug, where one sees a great number of coconut trees lined on the sides of the road and fields sporadically spread in almost every direction. These days a dragon fruit farm is visible from along the road.

The town has a total of 14 barangays, four of which are coastal zones, namely: Poblacion, Sta. Cruz, Palanas and Canduling. 

The remaining barangays can be found on the low-lying areas as well as on the western slopes just across the long stretch of the provincial road: Butong, Can-abujon, Cansalonoy, Cansayahon, Ilaya, Langin, Liboo, Malalay, Tupas and Vive. 

The town has a total coastline stretch of 6.32 kilometers. The largest barrio is that of Barangay Langin, which has a total land area of 808 hectares while the smallest is Barangay Poblacion, which has only about 42 hectares.


Save for a number of plains located in some areas, Ronda is entirely rolling in topography in most of the eastern frontiers of Barangay Cansayahon, Canduling, Ilaya, Poblacion, and Palanas. If one tries to stand in any of these places, he notices that he is somehow situated at the foot of some hill or small mountain. Many of the houses, in fact, are built on the slopes directly overlooking the main road, as if looking downwards to every traveler that passes by.
In some areas there is no fixed pattern of land formation as it goes from rolling to steeply undulating in many directions. The land in the western side interestingly looks different as it is basically flat with the hill east of Barangay Poblacion being the most prominent. The flattened areas lie mostly in Barangay Poblacion, where one can see the common structures reigning supreme like the municipal hall, parish church, town plaza, wharf, and public market.


Like the rest of Cebu and the tropical Philippines in Southeast Asia, Ronda has wet and dry seasons, with rains mostly occuring from May to October. please visit weather and climate section

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