About Ronda

Beauty in simplicity.

This is what you will find in this small but friendly town in southwestern Cebu.

Named after a city in Spain, Ronda, Cebu is a breath of fresh air in a world permeated by highly advertised and crowded tourist traps.

Ronda greets travelers with a refreshing air from trees, rice fields and the sea breeze coming from Tanon Strait which separates Cebu and Negros islands.

The people of Ronda rely mainly on farming, fishing and small and medium enterprises for a living. The municipality has a wharf, one of the many entry points to Cebu by traders coming from Negros.

Tourism-wise, Ronda has yet to catch up with developments compared to neighboring municipalities, but it is where the town gets its strength as a come on to those who seek peace and tranquility.

Simple walks under the shade of the town’s acacia trees, or enjoying barbecue by the seaside during sunset could be a welcome respite from hectic runs in the city.

About 81 kilometers from Cebu City, Ronda also has a place for those who want adventure with nature, such as, a trek to Lusno Falls. 

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