Lusno Falls
Lusno Falls

Escape to a world of your own at Lusno Falls in Ronda, southern Cebu.

But be warned, the trip from the national highway to the falls is not a walk in the park. Untouched by any touristy development, the path is a trail of mud, creeks, and gloriously green rice fields.  

In other words, Lusno Falls is only for those who are not afraid to get their feet dirty and have fun with nature.

As of now, there are no signs yet in going to the waterfalls so it is best to get help from the friendly motorcycle-for-hire drivers in the town to take you there.   

There are no entrance fees, no huts, no benches and there’s not any facilities for visitors. It would just be you, the rocks, and the waterfalls.

With all the noise and pollution of well-developed places, surely, a literally untouched area such as the Lusno Falls will provide a much-needed breath of fresh air and freshness for anyone willing to tread on unbeaten paths.

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