Panginabuhi Festival
Panginabuhi Festival

The festival in Ronda is a legacy left by the late mayor Mariano Blanco III. He started the festival in 2004 and named this cultural event as the Kabuhian Festival. In 2010, however, the name was changed to Panginabuhi Festival as a celebration of thanksgiving for the people’s main sources of livelihood.

Held as one of the main highlights during the annual fiesta, festival is aimed at developing the locals’ awareness of their history and heritage, as well as to promote the town to tourists.
Ronda’s streets will come alive to the beat of the drums, with dancers in their colorful costumes competing for prizes.

Aside from the street dancing, several contests are held during the festival. One of these is the contest on who cooks the best humba – pork cooked in vinegar, soy sauce and garlic – food which the town is famous for.

Another event during the festival is the one held mostly for farmers: peeling a coconut using his bare teeth. In 2004, Francisco Camilo of Barangay Can-abujon bested 10 other contestants and was named as the Coconut King, skinning off a coconut with his teeth in less than two minutes.

Because the Panginabuhi Festival is a celebration of the townfolks’ livelihood, there is also a contest for fishermen, and this is the banca paddling at Ronda’s municipal waters, which has a lovely view of the expanse of the Tanon Strait and the neighboring Negros island.

Trade fairs and trainings for livelihood are also part of this festival held during the September 14 and 15 fiesta in honor of the Our Lady of Sorrows. 

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