Municipal Hall
Municipal Hall

The seat of local government of Ronda, this historic building had seen history unfold for the town.

Beyond its function as office for the town mayor and other government officials and employees, the Municipal Hall stands as the main landmark at the center of the Poblacion.

The building had seen both triumphs and otherwise.

During the Japanese occupation, for example, Rondahanons who rebelled against the Japanese, led by then mayor Lorenzo Villalon, marched from their camps in the mountains to the municipal hall. Just as the night fell, there at the building, they snatched the police chief who was already following orders from the Japanese.  The event signaled the start of guerrilla warfare in this part of the province and brought home the message that the Japanese invasion was not to be left unopposed. This incident also led to the formation of the Ronda-Alcantara Guerrilla Force.

It is in triumphant events like this that the government at the Municipal Hall stands for the people: a beacon of hope to overcome any challenges that Ronda may face, and first and foremost defending the townfolks’ independence as much as it protects and pursues their dreams for a better future

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